Why Everyone Should Date an Artist

Why Everyone Should Date an Artist

Only thing missing? The feast we’re going to eat here! Who’s in?


Lindsay which Hagelslag did you mean?

Laura: A poffertjes-maker, Stroopwafels, Speculoos (or can you buy that there too?) + pot brownies.

Lindsay: Chocolate sprinkles (why o why) and Drop (do you prefer sweet or salty? or both?).

Julia: Indonesian Ketjap, Indonesian Ketjap and Indonesian Ketjap

And what else? I’d bring herring if that wouldn’t be really gross to put in a suitcase. Maybe some good Gouda + that fenugreek cheese would be nice?  Or will I get arrested for that?

And custard powder for the apple pie. Maybe some of that spicemix voor that Speculaas-stuffed-with-almond-paste-cake.

I’m not going to bring northsea shrimpies, because Julia will bring out the Tabasco and then I’d have to not talk to her for a few days and that would be sad.

Sabs/KT, if you’re coming too, let me know what you want in your Dutch goodie bag!



Yes, I’d say this is representative of life in Bra.

Zuurkool van Yvonne

That means Yvonne’s sauerkraut. I was kind of famous for a day. Some people said that my kraut was better that the sausage. Those people being my parents and friends, so not very objective, but still….

I made red sauerkraut with caraway and juniper for the sausages and white kraut with fennel for the pig. The pig guys want me to start producing for them  : )

Don’t worry I’m not quitting my day job. Oh wait, I don’t have one.

I got so drunk on cider that day that I still don’t remember how I broke my bike.

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To break the silence on Hieperdepeats….

…here’s some Dutch rap. About a guy wanting to take a girl with him on the back of his bike.

Because that’s how we roll.

One week into Life in the Commune. Here’s what we’ve got:

Rooftop rosé dinnners, DIY chalkboard (including non-negotiables, aka things that must ALWAYS be in our pantry), celebration doughnuts (celebrating that I had not killed either of us while driving through Brooklyn in search of beds; flavours are candied blood orange and dulce de leche,) and teamwork bringing back supplies from the hardware store (it was a big day.)


We have now officially settled in – Mildred is even growing on us! (Music video with our original song, “A Waltz for Mildred,” forthcoming.) We’ve also joined the local co-op and have already cleared out their supply of zahtar. We’ll be checking out all the hipster-hot-spots (domani: blue-grass bar!)

-Jules & LV the Frencher

(except not. It’s just Jules – Laura has been too busy texting a certain someone to post, and did we ever have another roommate?)

One week into L…

Introducing Mildred

She’s our third roommate. She’s always on time and never stays for long, but goddamn does she let us know when she’s passing through. Lindsay thinks she’s “charming,” that her boisterous antics allow a moment of respite and reflection during intense conversation. Laura calls her a “bitch,” blaming her for her insomnia.

I am somewhere in between, preferring to wave cheerfully/stupidly at her as she approaches…


…and shaking my fist towards the heavens as I curse her name as she passes…Image